Dimitrios Theodorakis



Dimitrios Theodorakis is a fine art landscape and travel photographer based in the UK. Dimitrios has been taking photos on his travels for over 7 years. Today he almost exclusively shoots medium format film with his Pentax 67II having been introduced to analogue photography while studying in California.

One of his favourite films is Aerochrome. Aerochrome is an infrared sensitive film that renders trees pink or red. The image of Jigokunuma in Japan is a great example of how beautiful Aerochrome images can be.

Japan Aomori Aerochrome Haneda mountains Jigokunuma
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Crater lake a wizard island oregon

Dimitrios started his photography journey just before university. Back then he wanted to document his life and learn how to take a decent picture. Over his five years at university studying for a Masters in Astrophysics (and later a PGCE) he was heavily involved in his universities photography society.


It was on his year abroad in California that Dimitrios took a class in black and white analogue photography and got introduced to the camera he uses today, the Pentax 67II. Today, through this website, he sells prints and other items of his photos as he prepares for his next adventure.

Top Photo: Jigokunuma - Japan / Pentax 67II

Bottom Photo: Crater lake - Oregon, USA / Canon 7D